Opus Presenter

Opus Presenter Pro 6

Create multimedia presentations easily


  • Allows you to make impressive presentations easily
  • Helps improve your presentation technique
  • Converts laptop into autocue


  • Doesn't have any Flash presentation options

Very good

If making presentations is a regular part of your job but sends shivers down your spine, then Opus Presenter Pro could be what you've been waiting for.

Presenter Pro makes it relatively easy to look like a presentation pro with a minimum of fuss and time. Presenter Pro is not a Flash animation tool however - it's designed to help you improve the structure and style of your presentations to get a more effective message across. It enables you to use your laptop as an autocue, prompting you with words and phrases when you most need them instead of using easy-to-lose and mix-up notes. In addition, it allows you upload presentations to the web in sections which enables you to revise old presentations for sharing with your colleagues and superiors rather than having to make a new one online.

You can easily capture customer details for addition to your presentation - such as database information saved in excel format and subsequently post that data to a secure website if it needs to reach a wide audience. Ultimately, the program is a useful tool for anyone needing to make computer-based training courses, product catalogues, online questionnaires and promotions for technophobes.

A powerful but simple to use presentation tool that takes the pain out of trainings, questionnaires and promotional activities.

Using nothing more than your existing skills you can expand the functionality and cost-effectiveness of all the presentations you or your organisation produce.

With its readymade templates and easy to use creative tools, Presenter Pro makes it easy to create engaging and modern rich media presentations but it also goes much further than that.

Opus Presenter


Opus Presenter Pro 6

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